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As an accredited, internationally recognised and independent testing laboratory we certify according to strict continental and international regulations and standards.

However, this assertion also entails certain obligations: we are continuously engaged in improving our quality management and our expertise in order to be able to offer you services aligned to your needs, beyond the textile sector.




TESTEX has been a member of the OEKO-TEX® Association since 1993.


Since 1993 TESTEX and 15 other OEKO-TEX® member institutes have systematically supported companies in the textile industry in more than 60 countries worldwide with independent certifications and services to implement greater sustainability and product responsibility along the global textile value chain.





As one of the founder members of the international testing association TESTEX has many years of experience in testing and certifying clothing and sun-protective textiles according to UV STANDARD 801.

UV STANDARD 801 is applicable to all flat functional products, such as textiles, clothing, shoes, awnings, sunshades, leather and films, which protect human beings against UV radiation.

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Notified body 1726

TESTEX has for some years been a recognised and accredited conformity assessment body (SCESp 0096, Notified Body 1726) for PPE clothing, registered in Switzerland and the EU (European Commission).

It must be attested by means of a type certificate that personal protective equipment (PPE) intended for sale in Switzerland and Europe complies with the applicable safety requirements and provides adequate protection against any hazards. PPE models tested and certified by us conform to statutory requirements (Product Safety Regulation (PrSR) / EU Directive 89/686/EEC) and may have the CE label of conformity affixed and be brought into circulation throughout Europe.

Would you like to market your PPE article with UV STANDARD 801?
In this case you must complete a declaration of conformity according to the new  European Regulation EU 2016/425. Please contact us to receive the introduction to issuing a PPE category I declaration of conformity.

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Health Friendly Air

Health Friendly Air

Certification with the international Health Friendly Air label offers security for users of buildings and the following benefits:

  • Good indoor air quality enhances well-being in living areas and increases motivation and productivity at the workplace 
  • Prevention of high sickness costs at office workplaces due to “Sick Building Syndrome” 
  • Regular monitoring of important parameters
  • Allergen exposure can be identified 
  • Situation of allergy sufferers in indoor environments can be systematically alleviated

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Safe Toy Certificate


Safe Toy Label
Safe Toy Hängeetikette

With the TESTEX Safe Toy label you assure manufacturers, dealers and customers that your toys have undergone stringent examination.

  • Complies with European and American safety requirements 
  • Exceeds statutory requirements 
  • Is periodically checked


  • Assure potential customers of the safety and quality of your products by means of an independent label 
  • Differentiate your products by individual statements on the TESTEX Safe Toy hangtag 
  • Reduce your testing costs by using pre-certified materials and components.

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Round Robin Tests


Round robin tests conducted regularly are an important monitoring tool both for a certified quality assurance system and for in-house solutions. In particular, round robin tests with international participation are becoming increasingly important with the advance of globalisation. Round robin tests help to bring to light systematic sources of error and can give rise to the necessary corrective action.

The benefits in brief:

  • increases confidence in the test results and their informative value 
  • builds confidence vis-à-vis customers and suppliers 
  • cost savings due to fewer tests 
  • supports the in-house quality assurance system 

We have organised round robin tests for many years in the fields of yarn, colour fastness, fabric properties and function, and have been accredited under ISO 17043 since 2011.

The annual schedule with the current status and the next dispatch dates for all round robin tests can be found under Downloads.

Which round robin test would you like to receive further information about?

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